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Phil Rhodes, with RedShark News, has published an article about me shooting Behind-the-Scenes  http://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/1854-meet-the-crew-brian-dzyak,-bts-shooter

— Redshark news, may 1, 2015


I'm one of four alumni featured in BGSU Magazine's Spring 2013 issue in an article entitled, "Bright Lights, Big Stage, BGSU," by Jennifer Sobolewski.

— Jennifer Sobolewski, bgsu magazine, spring, 2013


A mention in the BG News Alumni edition  (Print edition:  http://issuu.com/bgviews/docs/10.04.13_final )

— BGSU NEWS alumni Magazine, October 4, 2013

Read my article about shooting Behind-the-Scenes in ICG Magazine  

— ICG Magazine, november, 2006


And my contribution to ICG's focus on GoPro Cameras 

— ICG magazine, june, 2012


Read my interview for the website WE SPRAWL here: http://wesprawl.com/news-of-the-month.html

— we sprawl.com