motion picture camera assistant (retired)

Motion PIcture camera assistant (retired)

My first career when I arrived in Los Angeles was as a Loader and Camera Assistant on projects as big as Titanic and as small as a few movies you'll never hear about. 

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First AC

  • Bella Vera, (music video, 16mm) Ben Kufrin, DP     The Association
  • Smart Truck, (industrial, 35mm) Chris Hayes, DP     Pet Fly Productions
  • Notoginseng, (commercial, 35mm) Maury Dahlen, DP     R&C Productions
  • Run Ronnie Run, B-Camera (feature, 35mm) Shawn Maurer, DP     Dakota North Entertainment
  • VH-1 Storytellers:  The Doors (television, 16mm) Jerry Watson, DP  VH-1 Productions
  • Mystic Nights & Pirate Fights  (feature, 35mm) Philip Holahan, DP  Tacamo Productions
  • The Others (feature, 35mm) Alex Buono, DP Brook Drive Films
  • "QVC Local" Production Trucks (promo footage, 16mm) Jim Wood, DP     QVC Local
  •  Williamstowne (feature, 35mm) Mark Karen, DP   Woodleaf Corporation
  • A Crazy World (feature, 35mm) Mark Karen, DP   Freshman Production Service
  • Take It To The Polls (and Vote) (music video, 16mm) David Mullen, DP    Black Entertainment Television

*partial work/dayplayer

  • Pirates of the Caribbean, B-Camera/Second unit  (35mm)  Alexander Witt, DP    Disney
  • Food and Snacks (working title), second unit  (trailer, 35mm)  Alexander Witt, DP     Maverick Films
  • Strong Medicine, A-Camera/B-Camera  (television series, 16mm)  Mike Fash, DP     Wooster Productions/Sony/Lifetime Network
  • MADE, B-Camera (feature, 35mm) Richard Crudo, DP     Cardiff Giant Productions
  • NYPD Blue* (television series) Lex Dupont, DP    Steven Bochco Productions
  • Bad Azz* (music video Steadicam focus puller, 35mm) Michael Hawkinson, DP     Geneva Films
  • TexArkana* (television pilot, 35mm) Jeff Jur, DP     Paramount Television
  • Animalicious* (documentary, 16mm) Philip Holahan, DP     Mark Lewis Radio Pictures
  • Celine Dion * (documentary, 16mm) Lazlo Kovacs, DP
  • Alley McBeal * (TV pilot, 35mm) Billy Dickson, DP    Kelley Productions, Inc. 
  • Pacific Blue * (TV series, 16mm) Buddy Botham, DP    North Hall Prods. / USA Network
  • Invader * (feature, 35mm) James Glennon, DP    Alterian Studios
  • Death Benefit * (feature, 35mm) Chris Taylor, DP    C/R Pictures
  • The Four Diamonds* (feature, 35mm) Neil Roach, DP     Disney / O'Byrne
  • Night Skies * (feature, 35mm) Irv Goodinoff, DP      Dorian Inc.
  • No Dessert Dad * (feature, 35mm) Adam Teischman, DP    Concorde Studios
  • Still Breathing * (feature, 35mm) John Thomas, DP   Zap Pictures


short subjects

  • How to get the Postman Started (short, 35mm) Steve Crawford,DP  Wild Buffalo Productions
  • Children of the Struggle (short, 35mm)  Mark Karen, DP  PeachTree Productions
  • 1998 AFI Achievement Awards Presentation (promo, 16mm) Ken Barrows, DPPropaganda Films
  • Team Noel (political campaign spot, 16mm) David Lee, DPCrew Cuts/Dakota Group
  • The List (short, 35mm) Mark Karen, DP   USC Thesis Film
  • Nonnie & Alex (short, 16mm) Mark Karen, DP    American Film Institute
  • Desert Snow * (short, 16mm) Richard Davenport, DP   American Film Institute
  • Suspect (short, 35mm) Matt Jenson, DP   Graphic Nature LTD
  • Erik's Dream (short, 16mm) Mark Karen, DP    UCLA
  • Baby Factory (short, 16mm) Mark Karen, DP   American Film Institute
  • King of Spades   (short, 16mm) Pierre Chemaly, DP    Guy In the Hat Prods. 
  • Copper Women (short, 16mm) Amit Bhattach, DP   International Film Project
  • Salaam Mabrouk (short, 16mm) Mark Karen, DP    USC


  • Limp Bizkit (music video) Anghel Decca, DP    Billy Stopless Prods./Gas Food & Lodging/Interscope
  • Fire Down Below (feature) Gu Changwei, DP / Tom Houghton, DP   Warner Bros. 
  • White Wolves 2 (feature) Richard Michelak, DP    Concorde/New Horizons
  • The River Bottom (feature) David Mullen, DP    River Bottom Productions
  • Lens Crafters (commercial) Convergence Films
  • BUD LIGHT  (Rodeo) (commercial) Rick Bota, DP   Dream Quest Images
  • Hardee's  (X-Men) (commercial) Michael Bernard, DP   Velocity Films

*partial work/dayplayer

  • Star Trek Enterprise (tv series) Marvin Rush, DP    Paramount
  • Star Trek Enterprise (tv pilot) Marvin Rush, DP    Paramount
  • Star Trek Voyager (tv series) Marvin Rush, DP    Paramount
  • Charmed (television series) Rick Gunter, DP    Spelling Prods.
  • The West Wing (television series) Tom Del Ruth, DP    Warner Bros. Television
  • John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars (feature) Gary Kibby, DP    Sony Pictures
  • NYPD Blue (television series) Steve Crawford, DP/ Lex Dupont, DP    Steven Bochco Productions
  • The Seventies (mini-series) Neil Roach, DP    NBC
  • Celine Dion, "I Want You To Need Me" (music video) Anghel Decca, DP    Mars Media/Sony/Epic  
  • Bring It On* (feature) Shawn Maurer, DP   Stu Segall Productions
  • Buddy Faro* (tv series/ B camera) David Boyd, DP   North Shore Prods./CBS
  • The X-Files* (tv series/2nd unit) Bob LaBonge, DP   20th Century Fox Television
  • Inspector Gadget* (feature/2nd unit) Alexander Witt, DP   Disney
  • Titanic * (feature) Russell Carpenter, DP   20th Century Fox
  • ATF* (movie of the week) Jerzy Zielinski, DPMcFarlane Productions/ABC Television
  • The Magnificent Seven, The Collector* (television series) G. Lonsdale, DPMGM/Trilogy
  • Chicago Hope* (television series) Tom Fraser, DPTwentieth Century Fox Television
  • Dance With Me * (feature) Fred Murphy, DPSony Pictures
  • LA Firefighters * (TV series) FOX / Papa Hi Prods.
  • Boys and Girls * (feature) Jack Wallner, DP   Walt Disney
  • Save Me * (feature) Spark Films
  • Scream* (music video) Harris Savides, DPSony Records
  • The First to Go * (feature) Richard Crudo, DP    First Entertainment

short subjects 

  • Breaking Pan With Sol Hispanic Film Project / Universal Studios
  • To Dance With A Witch   Adam Teischman, DP   UCLA
  • The Champion * ADS Productions

LOADER (actual film!)

  • Broken Arrow (feature) Peter Levy, DP    20th Century Fox
  • Murder Live (movie of the week) Jeff Jur, DP    Postman Prods. / NBC
  • Murder In the First (feature) Fred Murphy, DP   3 Marks / Warner Bros. 

*partial work/dayplayer

  • Martial Law* (tv series) Jim Chressanthis, DP   CBS Prods.
  • The X-Files* (tv series/2nd unit) Josh Bleibtreu, DP   20th Century Fox Television
  • Showgirls* (feature) Jost Vacano, DP   Paramount
  • Dear God * (feature)   Tom Connole, DP    Paramount
  • Star Trek Generations * (feature) John Alonzo, DP   Paramount
  • Under Siege 2 * (feature) Rick Bota, DP   Warner Bros. 
  • Tales From The Crypt * (tv series) Rick Bota, DP / Levi Isaacks, DP   Tales From The Crypt Productions